Back to MapleStory xP

Well, back to Maplestory again, I guess.

Bored of other stuff, and got nothing else to do, Maplestory was my first considerment since my brother played it, and I had past experiences of it. Before I started again, I thought Maplestory was very lame, pointless, and time-wasting. But when I played it, it was too addicting to consider that Maplestory sucked.

Maplestory was much better than before when I played, a long time ago. I had a level 48 or 47 Assassin, called IVAssasinVI in Windia. And yeah I know I spelt Assassin wrong in my name, but I made a error when I made that char, and when I realised, I was like level 20. So I continued to play it. I joined a guild called CrimsonOrder and started Ludi PQing. After that, when I was about level 42, the amazing Carnival PQ got released. I then did a few until I was level 48/47, and stopped since it was too boring and my assassin was stuffed up.

I quit about 1-2 years ago, but now I started again. I’m a level 36 Assassin – ZenergyxD – with funds =D since my bro funded me. I also have ilbis <.<
Add me if you want, just please don’t spam me like


Well anyways I’m still aiming for level 40 =P

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