Finishing Someone Else’s Unfinished Flash Animation

Hello! A friend of mine, Judy, made her second animation recently, but it wasn’t really finished… So I asked if I could finish it for her! Originally her unfinished animation was a short clip showing a random dango (Japanese rice ball thingy) bounce to another threatening-looking dango. That was it. Well, with the help of an AK-47 render, I’ve uhh changed the mood/setting a BIT. Lolz.

There’s the link to my version of the dango animation xD. Hope you like it. Very random. Up until when the gun falls out of the sky, Judy made. The rest is my creation xP.

  1. you actually finished it!!

      • Zenergyx3
      • April 20th, 2009

      Yes. I did.

    • Hyourinmaru
    • May 18th, 2009

    yayz =3 haha. My dango anim is there.

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