Currently Doing…

It’s been quite a while since I posted.. probably too busily playing COH (Company of Heroes) Tales of Valor. The campaign for it is damn short, but otherwise it’s great. I don’t have the first two games though, so I’m stuck playing skirmishes with the CPU guys or attempt to advance on other guys in Multiplayer.

I fail =[

Hate artillery barrages, and especially hate the Brit 17 Pounder AT gun. I like playing as the Panzer Elite best, since they’re very good against infantry and they have awesome vehicles (I love the Tiger something one where you can repair anything so fast AND best of all – revive broken down vehicles)!

And I’ve gotten Camtasia 6, the newest one that looks awesome. The quality and the size of the recorded videos is extraordinary: I recorded like a 17second short clip and the save size was about 1mb, while in Fraps 17seconds is like 34mb o.o

And Crysis: I downloaded the demo for that, and I must say, it’s quite freaky. I mean, that Aztec guy died in such a scary matter, and that’s the beginning of the game? Weirdd..

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