Star Wars Republic Commando.. and other stuff =]

Downloaded some demos of games from Steam and stuff like that =]
I played the demo of Star Wars Republic Commando, and I was expecting it to be a okay/lame game. But, I was wrong. The game is actually quite awesome! Of course it doesn’t beat CoD4 or CoH, but it’s a really awesome game anyway. The only problems with the game is the fact that it doesn’t have anything like an obvious ammo counter, and a sort of panel with icons that show what weapons you are wielding and are stored in your inventory. The command order issue/selection thing is also a bit weird =P. I’ll still try to buy-n-download Republic Commando on Steam anyway since it just is cool :)

Also, I’ve downloaded the demo for Dawn of Discovery. Going to try that out right after I finish this post. Sounds and looks like a great game, but the gameplay may be unpredictable. It might be just like Empire Total War, great reviews and ratings, good graphics – but crappy gameplay. Although ETW’s naval combat is actually enjoyable, the land combat is just like KFC dipped in soya sauce. Lame, right? Even the camera navigation was hard to use =[

Oh, and I’m downloading World in Conflict. You know that game? =] It sounds cool, since it isn’t about WW2 or featuring medieval weirdness =P

I haven’t opened Photoshop for a week now, but I might mess around with it again to make a creation anytime soon because the school holidays for me just arrived today! =]

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