More Gaming Thoughts and a New Signature

Back with more gaming experience =]
Well, first of all, Dawn of Discovery aka Anno 1404 is AWESOME! I haven’t tried out Age of Empires (apparently it’s a similar game to DoD) but I think Dawn of Discovery would be better if I played AoE =]. I haven’t started a war yet, so I really have no experience of fighting in the game, but I’ve only gotten to establish 2 settlements on different islands in Continious Play. This is the demo, by the way. Building a civilization in Anno 1404 is so fun, from managing the towns to doing quests and trading items with the NPCs.

Enough of Dawn of Discovery! I tried the demo of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (long name, right?) AKA GRAW 2 and I enjoyed it quite well. One of the problems is that you don’t have an option to let your squad receive full personal ability to do things, without having to get you to order them to do something. That’s about the only problem apparent, and since GRAW 2 is like CoD4 and is set in near future, I thought it was kickass. :D

Yeah, and I made a new signature (even though it’s quite pointless as I don’t use my signatures much) by messing around with colours, brushes and stuff until a created an intricate picture. Then I used some effect things (forgot what they were called) such as Twirl and Zig Zag on my image. I added some text and finished it off, and err.. Here you go!

made exclusively by Zenergyx3, except for the fonts and brushes, duh. lolz :P

made exclusively by Zenergyx3, except for the fonts and brushes, duh. lolz :P

Oh yeah BTW I got pwned cos my dad got teh broadband internet capped. -_-

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