Bye Bye Maplestory… Hello Combat Arms and Other FPSs!

Well, judging from the title, I’ll be quitting Maplestory, and starting Combat Arms. In fact, I’m a little late for posting this. I’ve been playing Combat Arms for nearly a week, and I think I’m an SSG ranked character right now. Maplestory is too repetitive, like all you do is kill monsters, level, buy stuff, die, do a party quest, kill monsters, level, and so on. It’s really boring. But, Combat Arms is instant action, and it’s nearly never laggy (except when my broadband is capped -_-). I’m really quite bad at CA, because my Kill Death Ratio / KDR is 0.71 LOL :O. I die all the time, except on one occasion a few days ago I was playing an awesome game which I was leading 35 kills/ 4 deaths in a One Man Army match on Sand Hog, the map. That was great. But, now I’m not so great at close combat, and I think I’m better at sniping and support fire then with grenading and using SMGs to clear out rooms.

I currently use a SG550, and a Dragonuv/LAW in my backpack (normally SG500 and Dragonuv). You may be wondering why I’m using a weapon above my rank required, but the reason for that is because I found it in a Suppy Case for AR :D (SG550 if you don’t know what I mean) and it also lasts for 7 days =]. My favourite map is Waverider, because it’s quite easy to flank enemies with so many buildings around, and I love pwning whoever is at the tower top, trying to snipe my teammates. Although, I seriously hate the spawn killing sometimes, when there’s noobs around.

In other news, I’ve bought Anno 1404, and I figured Dawn of Discovery was the republished version of the game. My game I bought was the original Anno 1404. Meh, it’s only a matter of names I guess. Does it really affect the gameplay?

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