CSS Modding and st00f :D

Yo, it’s been a while since I posted.
Well, I recently got CounterStrike Source, and I decided to mod it/skin it. It looks pretty cool now, except, my computer isn’t the best and I lag like hell on the lowest graphical settings. -_-
Source is freaking fun online and also on LAN with my friends :D

Aside from that, I kinda gave up on Flash for the current while :P
I really cant be bothered to learn it, since I have so much stuff on (homework, assignments/projects, saxophone practice, noob pwning, KFC, other stuff). I don’t really go on Photoshop either, since I have nothing really to do. I play CA and CSS a lot now.

Oh yeah, do you know the Awesome Smiley? The internet is infected with this, and it looks really epic;

You’ve seen it SOMEWHERE right? It’s a suspicious looking smiley ^^.

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