CoD4 to teh Rescue!

I bought CoD4 last week from the local Dick Smith shop, and I got a special $47.99 price which was supposed to expire in 29/7/09 or something which is one and a half months ago. Funny, I got the last one. Just to let you know, it’s on PC, for all those Xbox 360 maniacs (not insultive in any way, I actually like 360s). I flew through the campaign mode and pwnd it on normal diffuculty. I bet I could do that on hard, but I’m not so sure about the Expert difficulty – it looks menacing =P.

Well, after getting through the campaign I jumped into CoD4 Multiplayer – Online mode. It was really fun. Best FPS gaming experience I’ve had. The realism of the game awed me. I ditched the M16A3 (or A4, I forgot) at first glance because it was burst and it looked odd My favourite weapon was and is the Ak47 with a silencer because it sounds cool (the sound of the shot with the silencer), the damage owns, the fire rate is awesome, and yeah. I put the perk Double Tap on the Ak47 and man it fires so fast. I also like the Ak74u (why I’m addicted to Russian weapons, I don’t know) because it’s lightweight, the damage is alright, and it just looks plain epic.

Yeah, well, I love CoD4 and all that, but there should be more weapons to use. I mean, there’s a lot of different modifications, but the weapon variety is a bit.. less. Weapons like the SCAR-L, the Bizon, UMP and AUG should all be introduced into CoD. I hope they have a lot of weapons in CoD6. Another thing I don’t get in CoD4 is that you don’t get to attach more than one modification at a time. Like, I can’t believe there’s no M4A1 SOPMOD in multiplayer =[. My name in CoD4 is Zenergyx3, but I doubt you’ll ever meet me in a game.


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  1. hey stan made new blog. add as affiliate pls. deleted old one.

    • L.L
    • October 4th, 2009

    hey “Mikez” dun spam. Nice!!!!! AWESOME is CoD4 good?

      • YerMumMite
      • October 4th, 2009


        • L.L
        • October 4th, 2009

        Well sorry… just asking..

  2. LOL o_o
    Argument on my blog? XD

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