Haven’t Posted

Well, it seems like I haven’t posted a blog post in ages. The truth is, I’m too busy playing Combat Arms, CoD4, CS:S, CS 1.6, or other FPS games on my laptop. And besides, I really cant be bothered to post a 600 word blog submission every week because of homework, gaming, and of course my saxophone exams.

I bought NX through Paypal. I sort of regret it, because I should be saving up for Modern Warfare 2 (CoD6) and also BF: Bad Company 2 (looks SICK). Meh, CA is fine for now. CoD4 gets a bit boring with all the pro 24/7 players. =[

Thanks everyone who reads my blog. Remember to tell your friends to come too! If you visit my blog regularly (or if you just visit occasionally), please comment on this post saying so. I want to see exactly who is visiting my blog (one day I had like over 60 visits, lols).

I will post something new some time soon, as the holidays are near~

  1. Hey i visit ur blog…anyway i dont like ur theme. looks too noob. like ur old one.

    • Xenophralc
    • October 2nd, 2009

    I visit ur blog! well, when it says “added the blog post _______ on WordPress” on msn.

    also, no offense, i think u play too much stuff. CoD4, CA, CS 1.6, CS:S, (u have) CoD5, (u want) CoD6, (u have) Company of Heroes…etc. Lol ur lucky =P

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