Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360!

Although 18 days have passed since the release date of Modern Warfare 2, I’m happy to say that I got it on the day it was out for a cheap $77 at Dick Smith Electronics. DSE ftw, 1st CoD4 for $47 then MW2 for $77 :]

I got MW2 on Xbox 360, which I also recently bought (the Halo package, which includes a controller, headset, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and JB HiFi kindly threw in an extra Forza 3 Motorsport :D). The games were quite enjoyable, and the online experience was completely insanely amazing. The only problem I had with online were the occasional microphone spammers that sound like 8 year olds trying to be cool. Meh, Xbox Live is for the win anyway.

I was Level 51 on Modern Warfare 2 I think when my Xbox Live Gold Trial expired.. it died :(. That’s the bad point of the 360. You have to pay for Xbox Live Gold, which obviously sucks since on the PS3 and most of the other consoles (if not all) online gameplay with friends and family is freaking free.

Uhmm, back to the topic.

I finished the campaign on Regular when I got it, and then I went straight to multiplayer. I was stunned by the gameplay and the storyline, even though sometimes the plot is a bit hard to grasp. I was suprised by both Soap and Price’s appearance in the campaign. From the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro to Afghanistan to a remote base in Russia.. and then to an oil rig with SAM units and to a “gulag” (a castle of sorts)… the storyline is a thrilling ride with firefights, snowmobiles, and world domination.

As a proud supportor of the ACR + Red Dot Sight + Suppressor in Multiplayer, taking out other players silently and accurately is no longer a problem to me. The ACR probably has the lowest recoil for any weapon in the entire game, no joke. A person on a forum described ‘the ACR has little to no recoil at all, it has less recoil than a burst weapon.’ I agree. Stopping Power Pro, Scavenger Pro, and of course Commando Pro makes shooting and stabbing a lot easier. SCAR H and ACR are my favourite ARs in the game. :]

Oh yeah, my Gamertag is Zenergyx3. Creative isn’t it?

(sorry if parts of my post don’t make sense, I didn’t check it when I published it. sorry! =P)

  1. hey stan i had to copy your theme >.>
    in my old blog i used this awesome theme called pixeled. i still want it and apparently this theme looks the closest and coolest. wordpress has crap themes…
    this is the theme i want btw…

    • Copier -.-
      Nah jks. I don’t really mind =P. That theme Pixelled looks awesome. Wish you could import themes into blogs. :[

    • Xenophralc
    • December 1st, 2009

    I think you can if you use Windows Live Writer to post on your blog. You can get it on the Windows Live website where you get like, Windows Live Messenger and stuff.

    • Nope, you can’t. Sadly, what’s not supported is not supported. :(
      I’ve tried Windows Live Writer before.. it sucks :\

    • Anoosh
    • December 1st, 2010

    Lol get it on ps3 even tho i got it for $119 :(

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