Quick Scope Guide – The Essentials

Well, this is one of the first actual contributing things I’ve done for people that visit my blog!

Zenergyx3’s Quick Scope Guide

(based on Modern Warfare 2, but this should generally work for all games)

Quick scoping is a form of sniping employed by some of the professionals at a game because of both the agility and the speed of it. A quick scope is when the player sees the enemy target while he or she is unscoped. Then, while moving the screen to align with the target and also zooming in, the player shoots, hitting and killing the target if the shot was placed accurately.

Quick scoping is a very fast and versatile way of sniping, but to quick scope properly you need to have fast reactions and a good hand-to-eye coordination. Quick scopes, done properly, can dominate in both long ranges where a sniper rifle would be superior at anyway, and also in tight situations where an enemy is right in your sniper’s nest.

Quick scoping works best with one-hit-kill weapons, or at least OHK most of the time because the enemy won’t have time to react after your shot lands on them.

If you’d like an example of quick scoping, iBlaCKOuTz xX’s Genocidal V2 montage is perfect. His video shows a true example of a skilled quick scoper.

The most common type of quick scope is the ‘drag scope’, because it’s effective and it’s the easiest type of¬† quick scope. You aim into the scope pointing towards the enemy when you see them, quickly drag your crosshairs across the target and shoot as soon as you see them on your crosshairs. This is relatively simple to do. Mastering this type of quick scope will make your overall gameplay better, as you are more accurate with other weapons aswell as sniper rifles.

For Modern Warfare 2, Sleight of Hand Pro increases your aim-down-sight speed, and so makes your quick scoping faster. Using an ACOG or a Thermal scope also increases your speed of quick scoping.

I would recommend practicing quick scoping in a private match before you try quick scoping in a public server just to get the feel of it. Practice on a narrow target, or something that is nearly the same size as another player. Aim to the left or right of it, and try to quick scope it by dragging, aiming in on the target, and of course pulling the trigger. Your mouse or controller sensitivity should be set as high as you feel comfortable with. I set my sensitvity on Modern Warfare 2 on X360 to 8, because I can aim extremely fast while keeping enough precision.

The faster you can turn and aim = more time to shoot and a lower possibility dying. This is very important for quick scoping.

Other types of quick scopes include the jump shot and the 360 degree jump shot. A jump shot is essentially jumping and shoot when you jump. The idea is to be hidden behind an object before jumping up, aiming and hitting your target. A 360 degree jump shot is EXTREMELY hard, and is usually achieved by jumping off a building while an enemy is somewhere below. With a high sensitivity, the person spins around in a 360 degree revolution while he or she is jumping and as soon as the player sees an enemy while spinning around in mid air, they scope, aim and shoot. Sounds tough to do, eh?

On an extra note, I’ve gotten x2 headshots in mid air, using one bullet. Got 3 challenges finished with that lucky shot.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick scope guide. Good luck with your quick scope achievements in the future.

I’ll be off with my Intervention, headshotting some noobs.

    • Nocky
    • December 29th, 2009

    thats 360 scoping…well half of the montage was

  1. the best quick scope rig is an intervention with ACOG. I play a ton of QS games with my friends 2. im not a pro QS but im not bad the best way to play is INTERVENTIONS only with no explosives only throwing knives and a hardscope or slow drag scope ARENT ALLOWED and you are to report the kill to the host and he can decide wether to let you stay or to kick you

    • I personally prefer an bare Intervention or with extended mags… oh well guess I won’t be quickscoping anymore since in Black Ops it’s practically impossible.

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