The MW2 vs BC2 Rant

I think the entire argument over Battlefield BC2 and Modern Warfare 2 is ridiculous.

MW2 is a good FPS game, and BC2 is probably going to be one too. Those idiots talking about ‘skill’ and ‘realism’ are talking complete rubbish. Sure, games with controllable vehicles and destructible environments are nice, but a game with undestructable buildings, killstreak rewards, and regenerating health focuses on a different type of gameplay and is fun in its own agenda. You can’t really compare MW2 and BC2 gameplay to each other because of this.


So many people ignorantly believe that one of these games is better than the other one. Yes, people do have their preferences – I’m not saying they aren’t allowed decide which one they like better – but some retarded people think that whatever game looks worse to them instantly means it’s all garbage.

Basically, BC2 and MW2 are both great games. Different types of gameplay, different player experiences. No point arguing about them since they have different looks and feels.

The simple solution to this is just go to your local game store, and go buy both (when BC2 is released though, of course).

    Ahh who cares >.> I copied you on the theme. Now were equal ;D


    • I didn’t copy you in any way o.o your rant isn’t even related to MW2 -.-

  2. I posted my rant before yours ^^ I posted it after i woke up yesterday?


  3. You know I thought of the idea before you? I was just saying you were using it as well. I wasnt threatening you..

  4. I agree with you 100%.. nice rant

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