Stolen Content

Someone has stolen my blog’s content. My blog is

This ID thief has stolen my username, my blog content, my Photoshop work – everything. Even shadowEdge.

They have been copy and pasting all of my posts. I assume that they will continue, and copy this post too.

Stealing my content, that I spend time and effort on. I wish to help others, by giving reviews and guides on various things. I share my view of the world.

This idiot, has decided to steal most if not all of my content, as well as my friends’. From guides to artworks, these things have been copied. I have contacted in order to remove the stolen blog.

Whoever you are, stealing my blog and my friends’ blogs, you will be caught. You are breaking a copyright law. Infringement.

Where ever you are, identification thief, go die in a hole.

  1. Gimme link :O i want to see.


    • 10cRefund
    • January 20th, 2010
    They were all found linked to each other, and all 3 infringed this website’s copyright.

  2. Problem has been solved. They should be deleting the blog right now.

    If they aren’t, legal actions will be taken. The ID thieves will pay.

  3. Did that guy copy my blog too o.o


  4. *Mike

    • Sash
    • January 21st, 2010

    they’ve deleted all the blogs except

    • Yep, I know. I took action against them actually. is not a case of copyright infringement, as it contains no matieral off my blog at all. It just bothers me that people try to impersonate me, and claim my work on their blogs as their own.

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