Below is a writing task I had to do for school; I think it’s pretty good :3

A man in badass military clothing loaded his high calibre Desert Eagle pistol and flicked the safety switch to ‘FIRE’. He wore a flaming skull bandana over his mouth, and aviator sunglasses covering his eyes. He was muscle-bound.

In front of the man was a wooden door, locked and reinforced. The package was somewhere in the room behind the door. The man flexed his muscles and pulled the slide on the sidearm, chambering a bullet. He pulled the trigger once with the gun aimed at the door handle and he kicked the door open with his leather boots. The empty shell ejected out of the slide, spinning into the air.

The six terrorists inside the room didn’t have time to react. The man with the bandana performed a mark-and-execute move, firing one shot to each of the terrorists’ heads with extreme precision and speed. They never got as far as to even lay a hand on their arsenal of weapons.

Six bullets, six eliminated. The insurgents crumpled on to the cold concrete floor, dead. Blood splatters covered the walls, and pools of red formed around the bodies. The empty shell of the first shot he fired finally clattered on to the ground, followed by six more. The man walked over to a laptop lying on a bloody desk. He wiped some of the red off and inspected it for a moment before putting it in his pack.

As he walked out from the room, he released the empty clip from the pistol. Seven rounds, each round depleted, no rounds wasted. He had the package.

The man took out a cigarette and lit it with the smoking barrel of his Desert Eagle. The heat of the metal ignited the cigarette. Lifting up the bandana, he put it to his mouth and inhaled. He holstered his gun. A rising sun was visible on the horizon, partially hidden by the mountains.

He looked up. A Black Hawk helicopter circled above him, ready for immediate extraction of the armed personnel sent to pick up the package. The man held up the laptop. The helicopter touched down, the spinning rotors creating clouds of dirt. The man stepped on board and sat down. He gave the laptop to the army officer sitting across to him wearing a black beret with ‘SOCOM’ written on it in golden letters.

“Good job.” The officer simply said.

    • chAWPsticks
    • August 4th, 2010

    splinter cell… o____o

    and btw, nice writing but, tsktsk smoking’s bad for your health

    • Raymond
    • October 8th, 2010

    WOW that was so epic!
    Shouldn’t it be ‘ “Good job,” the officer simply said.’ ?

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