Black Ops: Review


After purchasing highly-anticipated game Call of Duty: Black Ops on the release date for $79, I excitedly unwrapped the plastic covering the game case when I arrived home. Inserting the new game disc into my Xbox 360, I had extremely high expectations for this game; it was said to become the best Call of Duty yet, a Modern Warfare 2 killer. I sat on the couch, leaning forward with my controller, ready to experience a first-person shooter experience only COD could deliver.

The singleplayer campaign mode of Black Ops was amazing to say the least. Albeit slightly confusing and not completely linked together, the storyline is of a quality I have not seen since Call of Duty 4’s impressive story – a very interesting and epic campaign which is fresh and new. The campaign is intricately woven between different events in a long span of time and the story is nearly completely set as memories as your character, a black operations soldier called Mason is interrogated by two individuals whose faces you cannot see and voices which have been distorted. Mason recalls events and when he remembers back to what had happened in the past, you play his memory out. A bit like Assassins Creed, I thought.


Multiplayer was a whole other story, being fast paced and entertaining to play. While the campaign constantly wowed and awed me with spectacular carefully thought out storyline mechanics and some very badass cutscenes, the multiplayer focused more on completing the object; Team Deathmatch requiring a team to reach the score limit through kills and killstreaks, Domination pitting teams against each other on a battlefield where they must secure objectives in order to win, and the famous Search and Destroy playlist, where each player has one life every round and the objective is to either bomb the objective with your C4 or eliminate all hostiles.

Wager matches were a welcome addition to the game, mixing the game up with some variety where you can gamble your COD points for the jackpot; only if you win. Gun Game in particular caught my eye and I spent quite a while enjoying the simplicity and entertainment of the tier-based game mode in which each kill gives you a better and stronger gun. One In The Chamber was also extremely fun to play (probably because I won each game I played :P).


Zombies was a very fun and enjoyable experience on Black Ops as it provided a much needed team gamemode to play with friends as you battle wave after wave of the undead, unlocking new weapons and new areas as you go, the zombie bots becoming stronger and better each time a new round dawned. Although there were a limited selection of maps available to choose from (2, excluding the Dead Ops Arcade game), zombies was still a very interesting and intriguing element of Black Ops.

Sound and graphics were top notch; except I noticed one major flaw in the game’s visual appeal. The textures were of a low resolution and the draw distance for higher detailed objects was very low, so characters far away looked like blobs of green on the screen until you get closer, when the textures start to become better and better. In my opinion Modern Warfare 2 was much better graphically and also for sound and audio – the sounds are very repetitive and most of the guns in the game do not have a distinctive ring or feature about the sound, rendering them all the same, sound-wise. The explosions, whether it be Semtex, C4, Claymores, or the damn annoying RC-XD car all sound the exact same. The sounds are very boring and there seems to something wrong with footsteps – they make no sound at all. This is probably a glitch but a lot of the sound and graphics in Black Ops are very underwhelming and could have been done so much better.

Overall I think this game is a fairly above-average Call of Duty game and although it could have been a better game by ironing out the problems and balancing it a bit more (RC-XD is horribly overpowered/annoying) , the campaign and multiplayer are magnificent and spectacularly fun and enjoyable to play, with different twists and features to the previous Call of Duty games.


I will be eagerly awaiting the release of Modern Warfare 3 and I seriously hope this time Infinity Ward really nails it.

    • Skryfti
    • November 18th, 2010

    It’s true now. You MUST give me Call of Duty: Black Ops. IF YOU DO NOT, I SHALL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND I WILL PLAY, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Anyways gimme da game thx.

    • chAWPsticks
    • November 18th, 2010

    A bit of extra info on the graphical comparisons: It’s a different engine to MW2. BO uses an improved WAW engine, whereas MW2 uses a completely new engine.

    Also, Gun Game = CS? It’s the first thing I’m reminded of. I remember a couple or so years ago, regularly playing a CS mod called Gun Game, with the exact same concept — kill to get better guns.

    • WAW and MW2 engine are just variations of the COD4 engine. And engine does not matter; if the -TEXTURES- suck, it is not the engine’s fault. I could replace Counter Strike Source textures to Crysis-detail textures but it wouldn’t graphically look similar at all. Because the textures and graphics with the engine are completely different things.

      Gun Game was derived from the game mode which works exactly the same in CS. Only this time in Blsck Ops you get Explosive Crossbow Darts and a multi-shot incendiary rocket launcher called the Grim Reaper.

        • chAWPsticks
        • November 18th, 2010

        Erm, my addition to your information was meant to be unbiased.. Just about the engine talk, not textures.

      • I know.

    • Neya
    • November 19th, 2010

    stan u r an effin beast i cant belev u can do all that y r u so good screw u (: but srsly dude thi is sumfin u shud be proud of its fkn insane

    • Kevin
    • December 20th, 2010

    Pssshhh not wonder you get so high for your essays ==”

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