Minecraft Metropolis – EPICITY

Epicity – A grand city in Minecraft that my friends and I have been working on. Although my friend Michael and I did most of the construction, my other friends have been gathering resources and have been a huge help to the overall development of the metropolis.

Starting off in a typical survival multiplayer world (SMP) hosted on my server, the server players took off in their own adventures with no central objective for all players to help in. Upon construction of what would be the first structure in the entirety of Epicity, the hotel named Aquaris Sunrise, my friend who was in an alliance with me on the server called Michael was thinking of building a town or a city; a central place everyone could go to do practically anything they wanted and build all sorts of things as in long it was going to be allowed by the governor (me :D).

So we cleared out the land near and around the hotel and convert the natural hills into a suitable place to start a new civilization. Following this was the construction of the town square; the King Creeper fountain, which was followed suit with the establishment of a cafe, an office complex, the city high court, and a comic book store (don’t ask me why on the last one, I didn’t do it :S). New buildings sprouted up with great progress including the first skyscraper for Minecorp (a mining company on the server), a bakery with no bread, and a bank, which later had a 6-digit combination lock vault. A library was made, a museum that showcased all the types of things in Minecraft, a football field and the town hall. A police HQ building was created, complete with a conference room, offices, and a firing range to test your skills with a bow and arrow.

A fully automated redstone  train station named Central Station was established where you could select your destination with the click of a button which changed all of the tracks into the correct arrangement, and when you were ready to depart you pressed another button to send the cart from the cart loading dispenser into the boarding zone. If the player decided to not go on and that they wanted to return the cart, simply standing on a pressure plate and the redstone mechanics would do the rest of the work for you. It was a self sustainable method of transportation with great speed and efficiency.

A lot of progress was made and many things have been created since the days gone by. Buildings have gone through redecoration and reconstruction, the Central Station was abandoned and taken down due to consistency problems and a new subway station with carts arriving at regular intervals has been built to replace the old method of transportation over large distances. Many mining shafts have been established and many have been closed down due to the depletion of resources. Forests have been cut down and forest have been replanted in order to revive wood supplies and to keep the environment looking nice and natural.

The city was no longer just one area; there was the central district, the residential district where all the houses for the players were, the shopping district with many places one could buy things,the agricultural district where a multistory farm has been built, the port which features docks, several ships, a boathouse and a variety of seaside shops. There was also the rougher part of Epicity, outside of the main borders where the military outpost or barracks resides, and a huge 20×20 excavation site which has been dug down to bedrock to obtain cobble for the following construction plan;

Last night we started one of the biggest team projects for a single structure on a lot of Minecraft servers: mapping and starting to build a 5-thick city wall surrounding the city to prevent mobs from getting in city and to ensure that the residents can build and develop in peace. The wall, as it will be limiting the amount of construction and expansions we can make, will be redesigned or remade around the areas suitable for development. A cactus wall is built to ensure the extermination of all enemies near the wall and so that spiders don’t climb up the walls vertically (they can do that now :c). Dispenser turrets probably will be added too at main checkpoints and at gates into the city.

Epicity is making great progress in all fields of development at a very rapid pace, whether it be mining or gathering wood, clearing area for construction, building new things for the city, or organizing how the city is set out. We had ideas to make a gaming district where everything was fun and play, including various stadiums for football, spleef, a swimming centre, a PvP (player versus player) arena, and a zombie defense arena. There will also be casinos and a big theme park; which we won’t reveal to you yet. We also plan to have a city CBD (central business district) sometime sooner or later on a different continent where the land is untainted by human activity and with fresh resources, but these are plans to be and so they may be changed at any time in the future.

For now, I shall go back to playing with my friends and hopefully finish this city wall today. Minecraft is a very fun game with lots of potential.

After all, what is a game if you don’t find it fun?

    • Xannoxide
    • January 27th, 2011

    I cried while reading this :C
    LOL jk good work

    • Raymond
    • January 31st, 2011

    LOLOL my airbase looks fail in that pic
    btw do u ALWAYS have this texture pack on?

    • Jeff Gu
    • February 1st, 2011

    That’s a sick ass mine craft city Stan Lee.

    However it’s missing the creativity and innovation a skilled minecraft builder + player could offer.

    Cough.[me] COUGH.

    LMAO Jokes! :)

    I’d totaally want to help out on that server. BUT again, i’m not premium soooo.. good luck on it!

    • bradyhaha
    • February 7th, 2011

    i would like to help im good with mechanics and such and am looking for a good server since mine got shut down because hmod hasnt updated also sorry for the lack of puntuation etc its a pain to do this on your playstation3

    • private server, sorry :/ only friends play on it

      • Jerin(call me DJ)
      • July 22nd, 2011

      I know how it feels in PS3, im lucky to have a Com with

  1. Sorry we only accept people we know and trust in real life. However Zenergyx3 and I will have a think about it. It is most certain that your proposal will be rejected. Sorry.

    • theres a reply button :3
      also, why act so professional? lololwut

  2. cus i want to feel important :(

    • Bradyhaha
    • February 21st, 2011

    i tried thanks anyway though

    • Crashwolf
    • April 18th, 2011

    HI :D
    Really really nice job guys
    Is it possible that you could send me your plans of the warship? It looks really great and i want to rebuild it.
    I had to type in my email so i think you guys can see it.
    It would be really nice :D

    • Hi :D and thanks! I don’t play Minecraft anymore and I’m not sure if I have the world folder on my computer anymore, so sorry I can’t give you plans of the warship :(

    • Jerin(call me DJ)
    • July 22nd, 2011

    Can I join, here is my main idea, Military. You need a Barracks, Airfield any many more important, military construction. I shall train people to become good and trustful solders. I will send guards to defend the walls, the city, and the governor( I mean having your personal bodyguards i mean ;p )

    • Sorry for such a late reply, but no, we’re not accepting new members of the server because well; we don’t run it anymore. :P

    • frontier
    • November 27th, 2011

    I simply could not depart your website prior to suggesting that I actually loved the standard info a person provide in your visitors.

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