Heroes of Our Own

A depressed middle-aged man walked down a dark alleyway in the city, with the moon shining brightly in the night sky. His name was Joseph. As he approached the exit to the road, a wild-eyed young man turned around the corner and started to run towards him. Joseph stood still, alarmed. The young man slowed down as he got closer. Joseph could see the fear in the man’s eyes.

Joseph was afraid when he saw that the other man had a gun in his hand. The young man pointed the gun at him and the middle-aged man tried to reason with him, begging for his life. “Please don’t kill me!” Joseph pleaded. The young man was on the brink of insanity in his bewildered state. “I have to do this, otherwise I will die!” the young man yelled. Panicking and shouting, he moved his finger to pull the trigger on his gun.

A figure jumped in front of the gun pointed at the terrified middle-aged man, emerging from the shadow of the night as the young man fired the bullet. The person who had saved Joseph fell limp to the ground. The young man realised what he had just done and was speechless. Joseph was shocked, but went to help the man who had saved his life. He pulled out a phone and dialled for the ambulance. The young man sat down and started to cry, still holding the gun in his hands.

The stranger who saved Joseph was another young man. He was shot in the chest and he lay on the ground, slowly dying. “My name is Thomas Henderson,” he gasped. “Tell my family I love them.” The pavement was washed red with the man’s blood. Joseph desperately tried to save the man. “I’m sorry,” the young man cried. “What have I done?” He slowly held up the gun and aimed it to his own head. “I am William, and I deserve to die for what I have done.” He shut his eyes.

“Don’t do it!” James said, grunting in pain while he clutched his chest. “It won’t solve anything!” “I have nothing to live for!” the young man responded, opening his eyes. “Please don’t do it, don’t let my death be in vain.” The dying man begged. The young man looked into his eyes and threw the gun away. He put his hand into his hands.

An ambulance and police cars stopped around the corner of the alleyway and police officers took the young man away. The ambulance crew quickly took Joseph and Thomas into the ambulance van. “I’m sorry!” William yelled back as he was dragged away by officers. “I will never forget you, Thomas Henderson! I’m sorry for what I have done!”

Joseph was extremely worried about the man who saved his life. He was grateful for what he had done, but he was afraid of the condition the man was in. He feared for Thomas’ life. When they arrived at the hospital, Thomas was wheeled away by doctors straight away and Joseph was treated for shock by paramedics. As the two were being separated, Joseph thanked Thomas and said goodbye. “Thank you Mr Henderson for saving me, and farewell,” he said with a tone of sorrow. He knew he wouldn’t see Thomas again. “You are my hero, and a hero of society”.

After the initial surgery which lasted a few hours, James was taken to intensive care. The doctors had told him he was going to die soon and it was inevitable. As he lay on the bed in his near-death state, James thought about everything in his life and the things he wanted to do. He became drowsy and he knew that after this sleep he would never wake up once more.  A single tear slid down his face.

When James drifted into subconsciousness, he could feel that he was approaching death’s gates. He accepted it and let himself go on. But a single figure appeared on the road to death, blocking the way forward. That figure was William. He greeted James, miserably. “I am sorry for doing this to you, James Henderson,” he said with remorse and regret in his voice. “I am sorry for taking your life.” James responded, “Better me than you. But thank you for apologising. How did you end up here?”

William smiled sadly. “I saved someone else’s life by giving my own,” he responded. “Just like what you did for the other man and me. I wanted to do something right for once in my life.” James sighed. “We are heroes of the people we have saved and also heroes of our own lives. We have done everything we can in our lives for them.” James said. “I think it is time for us to go,” William said to James. He nodded and stood next to each other.

As the two walked toward the exit of life, Joseph walked toward the exit of the hospital.

The sun was rising.

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    • January 9th, 2012

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    • January 10th, 2012

    Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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