First of all, I apologise for not posting regular material for the past few months. I really didn’t have the time and I had exams recently too. But now exams are over and there isn’t much to do at school for the rest of the school year so I guess more posts! :) No pressure anymore and nothing much to do in the way of work.

Although there really isn’t anything for me to do at school, I have a load of games I can finally enjoy at home now. I have been playing League of Legends, which is a DotA-inspired massively multiplayer game with a bunch of my school friends for the past four maybe three months, and I can say I’m pretty good at it :) I’m level 30 and played a few odd matches of ranked. I main Caitlyn, if anyone was wondering, but I enjoy playing a bunch of other heroes too including Jarvan IV, Katarina, Akali, and the infamous Tryndamere. League of Legends is quite a fun experience but I have been playing less of it recently since I just got a few major-title games which I am eager to play.

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover (League of Legends)

I bought Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 after my exam week and I played through both the campaigns and some of the multiplayer on each one. Although I haven’t delved too deep into the multiplayer sections of either game, I can say it was enjoyable on both games. I really liked both of the games’ campaigns and storylines and they were generally comparable and on equal levels of delivering a quality experience, but I felt that Battlefield 3’s campaign was a step ahead of Call of Duty’s. It was amazing, to say the least. The visuals, the story and the gameplay were absolutely stunning. The ending was a major revelations of the overall plot of the game and it literally made me say “wow”.

Battlefield 3.

Anyway, I got Skyrim. At first I wasn’t so interested in the game, but after hearing a lot of my friends talking about their dragon-slaying and chicken-stealing experiences (which the latter got my one of my friends a large bounty on his head, long story), I finally wanted to see the game for myself. I don’t usually play RPG games, but my past experience of the few that I have played were actually quite good and enjoyable. In Skyrim the world is beautiful and the gameplay is fluid and fun. The freedom and the scale of the world are probably the best things about it, because you can do anything you want basically in the massive canvas of landscape on which the game is set on. The game overall is pretty awesome and extremely addictive, since I’ve been playing 3+ hours of it every day. Fus ro dah! :D

The world of Skyrim.

I also bought a few games on Steam recently with the Autumn and Halloween sales including Crysis + Crysis: Warhead, Magicka, Grand Theft Auto IV Pack. I’m thinking of getting Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I also had some games which I got a few months ago including Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2 before it was free and Bad Company 2 (which I bought on PC even though I had the Xbox 360 version of it, simply because it was $5 :P). I had been playing a bit of some creative Minecraft server which I was hosting before my exams where my friends and I tried to build the CBD section of a modern city (sounds like Epicity 1 and 2, I know) and we got bored. But it still looked cool! :D I may play some more Minecraft later, with the 1.0 official release when I have some free time where I’m not playing Skyrim or my other new games :).

By the way, here’s a link to a pretty funny Skyrim comic strip about Shouts.
It’s not that funny unless you’ve played Skyrim :)

    • jakebu51
    • November 28th, 2011

    Looks like you’ve got your bases covered as far as good games go. I’ve yet to play Skyrim myself, since like you my interest came from my friends talking about it. I find what you’ve said about it encouraging though, getting it won’t be as big of a leap as I thought it was.

    You mentioned that you’re thinking about getting Mass Effect 1&2, well all I’ve got to say about that is that you’re in for a treat. I went into Mass Effect 1 a few years ago not knowing what to expect, and now it and ME2 are among my all-time favorites. If you’re not seriously considering them I advise you to do so, you won’t regret it.

    • Yeah, I’ve a demo of ME 1’s campaign a while. It seemed pretty good. I’ll get both ME1 and 2 soon but I probably won’t play either of them much until I finish Skyrim. Skyrim is a great game, so I strongly advise you to get it even if you don’t play RPGs normally, like me. It’s a very fun experience and will chew away hours on your computer or console :)

      Thanks for the comment by the way. :D I’ll post more stuff like this in the future, and maybe a review on the games I have.

    • Lol.
    • November 28th, 2011

    What level on Skyrim so far? :P

    • Asixa
    • December 19th, 2011

    Right now lvl 34

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