Random Funny Stuff

Hello again.

I found a really weird image on the Internet recently;

Lol, Rick Rollover Minutes xD

Btw, before I deleted AeroGamerz, I made a banner. Just thought people might want to see it.


Click on it to view the entire thing. I think I still have the .psd, so if you want it, comment and ask for it.


Finishing Someone Else’s Unfinished Flash Animation

Hello! A friend of mine, Judy, made her second animation recently, but it wasn’t really finished… So I asked if I could finish it for her! Originally her unfinished animation was a short clip showing a random dango (Japanese rice ball thingy) bounce to another threatening-looking dango. That was it. Well, with the help of an AK-47 render, I’ve uhh changed the mood/setting a BIT. Lolz.


There’s the link to my version of the dango animation xD. Hope you like it. Very random. Up until when the gun falls out of the sky, Judy made. The rest is my creation xP.

Working on Photoshop

Hello all, again.

I made some semi-lame graphix and sigs on Photoshop recently. Here you go;

Quite plain, actually.

Randomness.. Out of Boredness..

Boring, yes I know. But my creations, nevertheless. Randomness is my best skill.

My First Flash Game!

Hey all, I made my first ever Flash game (with alot of help from Lawrence, my friend) and it’s one of those lame cursor maze games.
Enjoy it anyways =D and thank you Lawrence for making a tutorial and helping me.
There ya go.. Simple isn’t it? I’ll publish another post about my first ever Flash animation.. Which is.. Quite simple and weird.
*edit* I found out that, sadly, WordPress does not allow SWF files to be incorporated inside posts, for security reasons.

Mobile Phone Choice – Which one?

Hello all, this time I think I’ll be needing a new mobile phone. I like the slide type, but the touch phones I guess are okay too. I did a search and found out some of the phones that looks pretty good:

I’m not quite sure what I want… The N85 is so expensive but awesome, the Nokia 6600 is okay, the 5800 XpressMusic is great but it’s $1000+, nd the W595 is quite good in my opinion. Help me decide!

Back to MapleStory xP

Well, back to Maplestory again, I guess.

Bored of other stuff, and got nothing else to do, Maplestory was my first considerment since my brother played it, and I had past experiences of it. Before I started again, I thought Maplestory was very lame, pointless, and time-wasting. But when I played it, it was too addicting to consider that Maplestory sucked.

Maplestory was much better than before when I played, a long time ago. I had a level 48 or 47 Assassin, called IVAssasinVI in Windia. And yeah I know I spelt Assassin wrong in my name, but I made a error when I made that char, and when I realised, I was like level 20. So I continued to play it. I joined a guild called CrimsonOrder and started Ludi PQing. After that, when I was about level 42, the amazing Carnival PQ got released. I then did a few until I was level 48/47, and stopped since it was too boring and my assassin was stuffed up.

I quit about 1-2 years ago, but now I started again. I’m a level 36 Assassin – ZenergyxD – with funds =D since my bro funded me. I also have ilbis <.<
Add me if you want, just please don’t spam me like


Well anyways I’m still aiming for level 40 =P

Hello world!

Hey all, this is my first ever time on WordPress, and so far it’s been okay.
I doubt anyone would ever visit my blog, but I don’t really mind =P
Blogging kinda takes my mind off other stuff xD


Oh yeah btw visitors I’ll be posting lots of different stuff from graphix tuts to game guides.